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 "As the Mind purifies itself, through deep Meditation, all knots and blockages melt away, leading to a mind free from suffering and thus reflecting into the body. The Past is healed and the mind learns to be in the present, aware alert and happy. Through the retreats, one learns to dissolve the knots and heal through purifying the mind and recreate a whole new life. " - Master 


Award Winning Transformation Yoga Retreats 

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"Life Changing...." Christopher U.K

"An Enlightening Experience" - Anna , Canada


"What they don't Teach you even in Yoga Teacher Training” - Meraly , Mexico


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 04th Feb - 11th Feb 2018
18th Nov - 25th Nov 2018
30th Dec- 06th Jan 2018

 Kerala - Poovar Island

14th Jan - 21st Jan 2018
18th Feb - 25th Feb 2018
30th Dec - 06th Jan 2018

 Greece - Lefkada Island

12th May - 19th May 2018
14th Oct  - 21st Oct 2018

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