Healing Massage

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"It has been scientifically established now that massages help in rapid production of repair cells and reduces the inflammation causing cells in the body leading to faster physical healing and better immediate sense of wellness" - Teacher

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MASSAGE SEQUENCE Illustrations by a student. We thank ZIVILE JURAITE from Lithuania for her contribution :) CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FILE AND VIEW THE SEQUENCE

The massage taught  and administered by the teacher is quite a special one, since it incorporates the powerful concepts of reiki, chakra and kundalini energy , auyurvedic , thai massage and elements of tantra which help in calming the mind down, awaken the inner energy that flows through the body as it heals various knots in the body and the mind. 

By his rigorous experience of more than 18 years in these fields the teacher is able to combine the various techniques to give an experience which is as unique as it is powerful. This massage heals not only at a physical level, but also at a mental and spiritual level. Most recipients have described the after feeling of receiving a massage from the teacher as PERFECT. The teacher has administered this massage to various massage therapists with practices in various parts of Europe and they have all described the experience to be deep, most special and an incredible experience. 

At an elementary level this is a complete body oil massage that utilizes concept of deep tissue , thai and auyurvedic massages in order to give a nourishing physical experience to the various parts and organs of the body. It increases blood flow to various organs and also utilizes reflexology to enhance function of various body parts and unblock that which is hindering the energy or blood flow in that specific part of the body. 

At a secondary and much deeper level with the strong and at times super gentle  ( feather touch ) strokes - the teacher awakens what is known as the energy of the Kundalini residing in the base chakara of every human being. The massage is done along the direction of the energy flow 

From Base Chakara to Crown Chakara on the back side 

From Crown Chakara to Base Chakara on the front side

As the teacher initiates the energy flow and enhances it with his touch and passing energy to the body of the receiver - the intense flow of energy flushes away negativities and blockages which might be causing pains and suffering of the mental or emotional kind. If the receiver is in a state to receive with out any prejudices or negative or skeptical judgments about the technique - he/she can experience and attain a brilliant flow of energy that result in a great after experience. 

The aim of the massage is to kick start the energy of the Kundalini sitting in the base chakara and make it flow upwards on back side and downwards back into the base chakara on the front side. Once this starts happening the massage exaggerates the whole flow by using various other energy and blood flow points in the body of the receiver to destroy the negativities and replace each and every part with infinite energy of the sun that heals and triggers release of pain killing, mood enhancing chemicals. 

The energy of the tantra can result in enhancing sensations and experiencing highs and gentle sensations with every breath and touch. 

Once massage is over receivers have reported to experience deep sleep, lots of energy and sensational high of mind and spirit along with few resulting in very deep experiences where they let go of emotions that they have been holding for a long time. 

It is to be noted that this massage is not administered specific to a joint or part of the body.This is a full body oil massage that works with triggering the energy in the body. The massage heals by activating the energy flow within the body and various parts of the body. Once the flow of energy is initiated and it starts flowing through the chakaras - the healing follows naturally. 

If you feel a problem in receiving a complete body oil massage, or being bare you may contact the teacher for a Reiki session instead. 

TIME : Between 60-75 minutes

Specially helpful in 

Back pains of cyclic nature, Pain in the neck and shoulders, headaches, other physical pains happening as a result of injury or non injury, general feeling of happiness and well being. 

The file attached above is a students illustration of what the physical massage sequence is while working with the energy which needs to rise from base chakra and put back after the cycle. 

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