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healing - starts from within us

 "As the mind lets go and purifies  - through the process of observation  - the body is filled with emptiness in which the energy flows in like the river non stop " - Teacher

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The ultimate form of receiving pure energy from the master himself while also dissolving in the pleasure of energy of touch and mystic essential oils on the skin, as explained earlier involves various elements of reiki, auyurvedic massage, thai, reflexology and tantra to relax the body and the mind yet awakening the inner awareness of spirit that over looks the energy flowing into the body. Read more . . . . 

** If touch and oil massage is not comfortable for you we would recommend you to schedule a Reiki Session instead. 

Time : ( 60 minutes ) 

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The session is mostly for people who want limited healing and exposure to physical touch. It involves the master channeling the energy of the sun through himself and make it flow from your crown chakra to the base chakra and initiating the alternate flow of energy on the back side from the base chakra to the crown chakra. As the receiver experiencing the touch and energy of the teacher he/she experiences a complete or total relaxation and a form of meditative deep sleep where the body heals at an accelerated rate , however the mind at a subconscious level is fully aware of being healed and charged. As the energy of sun flows through your body it calms the hyper mind and relaxes the body while unblocking and flushing the blockages held due to stress and trauma. 

Extremely useful in cases of emotional trauma, exhaustion, lack of sleep, fear and general want of feeling of well being. It is to be noted that the master does not give his energy to the receiver but just acts as a channel , a middle door way or pipe to the energy of the sun. In this process he heals the receiver while flushing out most negative energies from the persons body. 

** Not recommended for people with cynicism or absolute no belief in energies of mind and body. The master clarifies that he does not expect anyone to have any sort of blind faith, however having very strong pre-opinion without an open mind - that such energies does not exist - creates an energy wall in the person receiving such powerful energy and can result in headaches

Time : (65-75 minutes) 

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For those wanting to learn meditation for doing it back home by themselves or just those who want to sit in meditation with the teacher or need guidance during meditation can schedule individual sessions or sessions in group of 3-4 people in order to benefit from the energy of the teacher. 

For those willing to learn meditation it is highly recommended to schedule atleast three classes of meditation with the teacher. Vippassna is taught as a regular meditation technique and if you are not a vippassna student who may have previously done a 10 days course at a Vippassna ashram it is highly recommended that you attend either a 10 days beginners course at any one of the vippassna ashrams around the globe ( www.dhamma.org ) or if you come to learn from the teacher directly don't seek or expect to learn it in one single session or anything less than 3 sessions. 

In 3 sessions that you may schedule yourself for - learning to meditate can only be understood at an intellectual level and would not be beneficial unless the practitioner actually meditates regularly everyday for atleast 20 days. In all teachings of the master, he keep reiterating the importance of experiential learning ( one that comes from experiencing on oneself through practice or suffering ) and not through just reading about it in a book or hearing from someone.  

For more questions queries and doubts write to us. 

Time : (60 minutes)

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These sessions are meant for those seeking guidance on issues of life that may be making it difficult for them to see and observe a personal path of happiness and peace forward. They are almost similar to personal psychotherapy sessions, where the person should be able to open up and speak honestly about his/her problems, wants and needs.

From personal problems to seeking spiritual guidance to understanding one's own deep rooted problems of inner conscience and mind , the teacher uses his deep intuition, calm observation and meditative energy to provide guidance . The one coming for such session does not need a special cause or reason. It is best for those who feel unsettled mentally or emotionally  and seek to find peace and life's harmony back in their life but do not really know how and where to start. 

Such sessions may involve a lot of interaction/speaking with the teacher, meditations and various other practices for the teacher to help you find that which you are seeking. All such sessions result in clear directions and answers to that which we are striving to find. All such sessions are accounted per 60 minutes since they can be sometimes as long as 4-5 hours. Please ensure you have ample time before scheduling such sessions. An essential tool for healing and understanding a lot of professionals as well as therapists use these sessions to align themselves to their goals and wishes in life and get a deeper understanding of their spiritual self and root cause of their suffering that may be deeply hidden in the past.

Time :( 60 mins or more ) 

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" Before entering the class, please keep your mind - where you have kept your shoes - Outside "      -  Osho.

 A lot of people in the west practice all different forms of yoga plenty of which did not ever exist more than 50 years ago or has been given some fancy name in order to attract people to yoga. Most of it , is nothing more than a distant take on Classical Hatha Yoga with added variations in order to cater to the growing need of adding physical action in the lives of physically active. If you are scheduling yourself for a private workshop, class or session - we urge you to leave your learning behind and come with an open mind. All forms of Yoga that you may know - are just a lift off from Hatha Yoga. 

12.5% of YOGA - Physical Asanas

12.5% of YOGA - Breath Yoga ( Pranayama ) 

75%    of YOGA - Everything to do with Mind and Meditation 

Classical Hatha Yoga focuses on shifting the Sun and Moon Energy by use of physical asanas into the core , where it can flow into Sushumna Nadi ( channel ) thereby rousing the Kundalini Energy. Even though the asanas are important - more than doing the asanas we focus on attempting and understading it. Once you are able to do it, we focus on relaxing in asanas, sustaining it and breathing in it. If slow , deep yoga is not your style and you want something that fast ( like power yoga ) that exhausts you - please do not subscribe to this class. This class attempts to take you through your body into the realm of Breath yoga leading into a deep meditation as taught by Buddha. 

* DRESS CODE - Wear comfortable clothing

Men - Do not wear Pants and Jeans. Please ensure you are wearing clothing where you can stretch comfortably. 

Women - We highly recommend not to wear any revealing clothes and wear round neck t-shirt that do not expose clevage. 

** Do bring your mats and Mosquito repellant. 

** Please ensure that you have not eaten anything in the previous two hours. 

** Do Not schedule anything right after the class. We like to finish it without any rush. 

Time : 2 hours ( extending upto 2 hrs 15 mins sometimes )  

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To get a better understanding of classical hatha yoga, understand the basis of Asanas, what exactly Yoga is, how does Breath Yoga play a role and how do we practice Meditation ( since all yoga should lead into the mind and meditation ) , feel free to subscribe to a Half Day Yoga Meditation workshop that covers in detail

12 Basic Asanas, affecting the energizing of the vital energy centers ( Chakras ) 
Benefits of various asanas
Understanding of various kind of Yoga and Yoga jargons
Eight Legs ( ASHTANGA ) laid by Sage Patanjali
Understanding of Chakras, Nadis, Sun Moon and Kundalini Energy
Yogic / Auyurvedic view of human body as combnation of 3 Doshas ( 5 elements ) 
Deeper understanding of Breath Yoga and its benefits
Buddhist Meditation , Basis of Meditation and Practice
Gratitude Prayer
Chakra Healing

** Best for people on their India Travel or passing through New Delhi trying to gain a deeper insight into yoga and meditation and understand the synthesis of yoga and whats the difference between hatha yoga vis a via Bikram Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Power Yoga, Acro Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and what is the origin of best yoga schools. The session is also a great way to engage in a 5.5 hours session of deep yoga and de-stress through the powerful asanas, pranayama culminating into Vippassna meditation. Please do not come with a tight schedule for any classes or have something to do right after. We chose to take our time to work with your energy during the class and finish it appropriately. 

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