find yourself - go deep within - let go - free yourself

"When the student is ready, the teacher shall appear. No one saves us but ourselves.

We ourselves must walk the path" -  Buddha 

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Award winning retreat  on meditation, yoga and healing

What was originally designed to be a workshop for teaching the healing practice of mind , and learning massage has today emerged as one of the most sought after workshops in Europe owing to its power to heal at three levels 

1. The mind

2. The emotions or the spirit

3. The body

Being hailed by most as Transformation Retreat - Students from all age groups and backgrounds are coming and learning to incorporate the lessons of this workshop in their personal lives and benefitting from the changes it is bringing to their lives.More than 95% students have reported Reduced mental stress, high levels of physical energy and improvement in emotional and physical health. The strong emphasis on meditation and its practice to lead you into the purification of your mind - helps people release their strongest blockages, emotions, thoughts that they have been holding on to for years and ages . Learn to become powerful medium of energy which can not only heal you but help you understand the super natural concept of sharing this energy in form of healing, touch and massage. 

What makes this workshop so special or powerful, many ask?

For a person to be able to heal, they need to be good medium of energy, for them to be a good medium they need to be free of blockages, for which we teach and help you by taking you into states of deep meditation and for enabling better meditation the physical asnas ( yoga ) helps you attain a higher state of concentration. All this leads the student to open up the healing source within and use this energy in a healing tantra massage. 

In simple words it is a healing workshop that covers extensively 

A. 2500 year old Zen Meditation practice originally taught by Buddha

     Vippassna which means to "Observe" as it is without any reaction was originally taught by Buddha. The technique helps us to go deeper inside our selves at the root of thought, reaction and emotions. As the practitioner learns how to do this and under guidance of the teacher blocked thoughts, emotions and trapped stress inside the body starts coming up to the surface of mind and body before setting free. It is perhaps the only technique which gives the power to the meditator to release the deepest blockages of mind and emotions sitting within the body to come out and be free from it. Release our stress and get free from that which holds us back purely through engagement of the mind at a deeper level where thought is created. There is no other technique which helps you permanently get rid of the stress you are holding in your body and purify your mind and body. As one learns to meditate with the teacher and starts practicing under guidance the mind keeps becoming pure and strong. 

"Pure of what" one may ask - pure of defilements, fear , negativity, attachments that we hold in your mind and body and those which hold our infinite energies back. Science acknowledges today which sages in the east discovered millions of years ago. All diseases and suffering of the body are creation of the mind. As the mind purifies, the body heals and it enables the meditator to receive and pass energy for purpose of healing to himself/herself and others . 

B. Energy channeling, concept of chakras and healing energy

     The workshop covers in optimum detail the concept or understanding of universal energy for the purpose of healing self and then channeling this to heal others. The students along with the daily practice of meditation also learn how to receive universal energy and pass this on to the one who needs it. Concepts of energy flow, chakra scanning ,effects on the human body and mind are discussed so that healers can understand the underlying purpose on how to channel universal energy for healing. 

C. Massage along with healing, concepts of reflexology and Chinese meridians 

    The teacher has practiced for more than 14 years a special healing massage where traditional massage meets healing by way of passing energy to the chakras. With his extensive learning of Reiki, Chakra mediation,Vippassna, tantra, auyurvedic massage, thai massage and reflexology he teaches in the simplest form and shows you how to awaken the healing energy, how to effectively use physical massage movements to initiate and move the energy from the root chakra to the crown chakra and back to the root. The massage is powerful enough to heal the person at the level of mind, spirit and body. 

D. Classical Yoga Practice - 

     This includes understanding and implementing the classical practices, understanding chakras and working on breath yoga as well as simplified 12 basic asanas that help the body and mind and help us balance the sun and moon energy ( left and right side of the brain ) and bring this energy in the center in a state of equilibirum that helps us achieve more in meditation. 

WORKSHOP FORMAT  :  6-7 days ( Residential Retreat  ) 

1/2 Day Yoga Meditation Workshop (5.5 Hrs)

A comprehensive and detailed workshop on understading all about Yoga. This workshop includes a 2 hours yoga meditation class . What is covered

History of Yoga , its origins, meaning of Yoga 
Understanding the 8 Legs of Yoga ( also known as Asht - tanga ) by Sage Patanjali
Understanding the classical view ( auyurvedic and yogic view ) of human body and mind
Stages of Meditation 
Chakras, Energy Channels, 5 Elements, Tri Doshas ( or essential 3 defects ) 
Breath Yoga and its power
Warm Up exercises for neck, back and legs
Surya Namaskar
12 powerful basic postures to awaken energy centers 
Buddhist Meditation
Gratitude Prayer 

The workshop can last between 5-6 hours and in New Delhi, India is conducted in the greens on Lodhi Garden and around the world in different cities to give people a basic and strong introduction into the classical thought and knowledge of Yoga. It is a workshop meant for everyone including beginners and advance practioners as well as Yoga teachers. 



The corporate workshops are meant for organizations and their employees. In the new age world where everything is available at the click of a button on your new age mobile phones, life has become too fast. From home to office we are under tremendous pressure to deliver everything on time, all the time. The speed of life is so distracting and so demanding that in all this pressure to be a good performer, good spouse, good parent, good child we are filled with a lot of anxiety, stress, pain, self questioning our strength and belief and leading to deteriorating health and performance. 

The corporate world has started recognizing this growing affect in the working sector and today most companies are investing on their employees better physical and mental health by exposing to thousands of year old techniques such as yoga and meditation. Research and studies have proved that exposing employees to such workshops on a daily basis have increased employee morale, performance on the job, feeling of well being and lowered attrition rate by addressing dissatisfaction quotient. 

Do you care for your employees, are you thinking at the next level to retain them , make them a long term investment. The teacher has more than 14 years of working in such a performance driven corporate sector to understand what really works in order to reduce stress and improve morale and health of employees. 

Please shoot us enquiry if you want to understand what we can do for you. Awaken Inner Buddha is not just a massage or meditation concept , it is a holistic concept that helps us address and clear our mind and body of blockages and awaken the inner energy to heal and deal with the world around us better. It is an art of living and provides us the tools to cut out the rif raf and focus better on what we are meant to do. Out workshop schedule includes : 

SCHEDULE :   90 Minutes daily program 

Pranayama : 5 minutes

This is a form of breathing exercise in Yoga that helps increase blood flow and relax the mind.


Kapalbhati Pranayama :5 minutes

Another form of breathing exercise involves forced fast breathing techniques that helps in cleansing the chakras as well as the respiratory passages, improvement in immunity of the body, increase in blood flow and minimizing risks of infections and allergies in the respiratory system. With the forceful breaths of kapalbhati, the allergens and the infectious materials in the lungs and the respiratory passages are blown away and removed from the body. The exercise technique also helps improve the flexibility of the diaphragm. With the breathing technique used for this yogic kriya, the diaphragm gets plenty of exercise, becomes more pliable and improves circulation. As the diaphragm becomes stronger and more flexible, the risk of developing hernias also reduces drastically.

Since kapalbhati also helps improve blood circulation, especially to the lower half of the body, it helps improve the functioning of the entire body. Of course, the technique also helps increase the lung capacity and improves respiratory efficiency, making more oxygen available to the body. As more oxygen flows into the body, it becomes more efficient. You can feel yourself infused with energy every time you perform this technique. In addition to that, you may also feel increased mental acuity, improved concentration and heightened senses


YOGA for the BACK POSTURES : 15 mins

This is specifically designed to strengthen the back and help in reduction of back and neck problems that more than 60% of the white collar working employees face due to stress and fatigue in work environment.


Involves 4-5 Yoga Postures


Meditation Vippassna : 45 mintues


Vippassna meditation technique, which helps reduce stress, makes a mind calmer. Helps a person observe more and get in touch with inner energy . Results in feelings of high energy and happiness there after.


Shava Asana ( Dead Man Yoga Posture ) : 10 minutes

This is a concluding exercise of the program everyday in order to relax the mind and body and experience zero space ( which is a sensation described to feel like spacelessness, as if you don’t exist )


Helps tremendously in relaxing the body and the mind.



The above program can be organized for a 2 week or 4 week program depending on how you see if fitting in your organization. This program can be offered either at the Start of the day for employees & Senior Management or end of the day as well. 

It will make all the difference if you have happy and motivated employees .  


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 "Vidhi's corporate workshops are really amazing. It helped us a lot with boosting the morale of our employees and bringing us together closer as a team and address issues that were difficult to perceive earlier."  

                 - Abhishek Nandy  CEO S.N. Envirotech , New Delhi

 "Workshops conducted by the teacher in our office premises helped us bring a new energy to the place. Everyone seemed calm and happy and we are planning to do more since the feedbacks from the employees and senior managment staff is super positive :) "           

    - Vilija Mogenyte  Director Business Development , Verslo Konsultantai , Lithuania

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